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  Footer Appendix 2A, remove superfluous "2.doc."  
  20 Omit from footnote 25: "see...also, Appendix 2A, fn. 26."  
  121 Add under Hebron, The Place: See also Appendix 2A, Hebron, geographically.  
  127 Correct footnote 30: "...Appendix 3A...."  
  217 Correct footnote 100: "...of Petra (see fn. 94...."  
  323 Add to footnote 2: "and including fns. 28 and 29."  
  332 Remove from line of footnote 4: "(fn.6)."  
  334 Remove "t ' from word changing fn. 11 'weight' to "weigh,"  
  356 Footnote 15 blank.  
  399 Line 7 should be Cleopatra I.  
  421 Add to Bubastis: "See also Egypt, this appendix and Appendix 3BII at fn. 90."  
  432 Correct footnote 12: "Appendix 1D.II, fn. 28."  
  454 Correct paragraph 10: fn. 26.  
  487 Remove repetitious "Ephai."  
  492 Remove extra t in word thirteenth, Jeremiah Section item (6).  
  495 Change Lachish Section title to "Lachish/Lachish Letters."  
  505 Correct Section title: "Ahiyahu [Ahijah?]"  
  605 Add to paragraph five: "...Cleopatra VII murdered or allowed to be murdered...."  
  843 Adjust spacings.  
  852 Add parentheses before "Umm," line two from page bottom.  
  862 Correct footnote 39, line 9: "...'Against Apion, page 860 at [and omit word below]".  
  863 Add comma in penultimate line of "Marys, Other" Section: "...of Joses Mother, and Salome."  
  865 Remove "[east"], seven lines from page bottom.  
  Considerations as of date hereof:  
    Table of Contents: ?Add: 3BII, IV, "Excommunication from Priesthood."
  Text Pages:
    Appendix 2A, page 144, add data to "Deities" Section: Ahura-Mazda (Zoroastrianism).  
    Appendix 3A, VI, Attachment 3: Improve spacings.  
    125:  Add to "Seir" Section correct direction (or acknowledge confusion as to).  
    157:  Add to "Rabbah" Section: "See Appendix 1E at and following footnote 58, re Uriah death at Rabbah.  
    337:  ?Add to footnote 19: (Excommunication from Priesthood.).  
    486:  ?Add "Shephelah" is usually applied to the region of low hills between Palestine's central mountain range and the coastal plains of Philistia; Aid, 1488.  
  Future enhancements and additions of locations and data: Peraea; Lott descendancy; Ituraea; Herodotus lifetime (c. 484-425 b.c./b.c.e.) fully clear references to Schechem/Nablus in the Index/Table.  

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