History of the Daughters

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The First 1000 Years - Sarah and Abraham to King David and Bath-Sheba


    Sub-part I. Aram/Aramaean Associations 17
      A.  Aram.  
        1. The Region;  2. As Person or Eponym.  
      B.  Maacah/Maachah, Individual Uses.  
    II. Named Mothers in the Lineage, Adam to Jacob 18
      A.  Adam to Isaac.  
      B.  Descendancy of Keturah.  
    ATTACHMENT 1  Source Quotations for Descendancies of Esau Wives, and Hezronic Period 25
    ATTACHMENT 2  Exploration of Descendancies of Esau Wives 49
  APPENDIX 1B  Ephrath/Ephrathah/Ephratah and Ephrathite 51
    Sub-part I.  The Persons Who Entered Egypt With Jacob 55
    II. "Hezronic" Period 56
      A.  In General.  
      B.  Book of Jasher/Jashar/Jesher.  
    III. Houses Exiting Egypt 58
    IV. Moses Conferences on the Mountain and Connected Events 59
      A.  Rebellion of Nadab and Abihu; Korah-led Revolt; Miriam's Objection and Demise.  
    V. Miscellaneous Post-Exodus Events including Army Registrations(/Censuses) and Other Tribal Details 62
      A.  The First Registration (and Moab Encampment).  
      B.  The Second Registration.  
      C.  Tribal Leaders, Counts and Associated Details.  
      D.  Comparison of the Two Registration Counts.  
        1.  By Tribe.  
        2.  By Matriarchal Lineages.  
    VI. Zelophehadites 71
      A.  The Main Case, Rulings and Disposition.  
      B.  Descendancies, Names and Relationships of the Children of Manasseh.  
        1.  In General.  
        2.  Other Related Data.  
      C.  Manasseh Additional Citations and Chart.  
      D.  Manasseh/Benjamin "Shuppim and Muppim" Puzzle.  
    VII. Levirate Duty and Redemption, and The Book of Ruth 76
    VIII. Lineage Roster as Given, (Bath-Sheba + David -) Solomon and Nathan 77
    ATTACHMENT 1  Charted Explorations of Familial Relationships, Levi, Reuben, Judah, Hezron, Caleb, Ashur and Asher. 79
    ATTACHMENT 2  Charted Explorations of Familial Relationships, Benjamin and Manasseh 85
  APPENDIX 1D, I    Joshua 89
  APPENDIX 1D, II   Judges 93
  APPENDIX 1E      Saul through Solomon 101
  APPENDIX 1F       Names/Places 117


To the First Fall of Jerusalem

(Bath-Sheba and David to Nehushta and Jehoiakim)

  APPENDIX 2A   Names/Relations/Places 137
    ATTACHMENT 1  Jesse, Descendancy of 163
    ATTACHMENT 2  Saul, Descendancy of 165
    ATTACHMENT 3  David, Descendancy of 169
    ATTACHMENT 4  Eli, Descendancy of 173
  APPENDIX 2B     The Military Under David 181
  APPENDIX 2C, I   Introduction to the 'Period of the Kings' 189
  APPENDIX 2C, II  Table of Kings 191
  APPENDIX 2C, III  Parentages As Given for Kings of the Period 195
      A.  Northern Kingdom.  
      B.  Southern Kingdom.  
      C.  Age Potential Comparisons.  
  APPENDIX 2C, IV  "Through the Period of the Kings," Source-Quoted Narrative 203
  APPENDIX 2C, V   Tobit, Source-Quoted Narrative 229
  APPENDIX 2C, VI  Judith Source-Quoted Narrative 233
  APPENDIX 2C, VIJeremiah Source-Quoted Narrative 239
      A.  Comparative Age Timeline.  
      B.  References to "Jeremiah" By Name.  
      C.  Narrative Summary of Jeremiah Events.  
      D.  Additional Chapters of Jeremiah.  
  APPENDIX 2D  Calendar Year Comparison Timeline from the Post-David Kingdom Division to the Death of Alexander III the Great 249
    Sub-part I.  Introduction 249
      II.  Total Years of the Period of Kings Per Sources Outlined 250
      III.  Timeline 250


Persian Suzerainty, Repatriation, Macedonian Suzerainty, Seleucid Suzerainty,
and  Maccabaean Independence to the Assassination of High Priest Simon Matthes

  APPENDIX 3A, I    Charted Exploration of Fam. Relationships Media/Persia 285
  APPENDIX 3A, II   Descendancy Chart, Neo-Babylonians 293
    A.  Chart.  
    B.  Source Quotations.  
    C.  Exploration of Issues.  
      (1)  Considerations.  
      (2)  (a) Explorative Timetable With Regard to the Within Issues.  
        (1)  Daniel Supplementary Notes.  
      (3)  Ancestry of Nitocris.  
        (a)  Explorative Timeline.  
      (4)  "Cyrus-Nabonidus Chronicle"/"Nabu-naid Chronicle"/"The Annalistic Tablet of Cyrus."  
  APPENDIX 3A, III  Source-Quoted Narrative, Herodotus and Xenophon 303
  APPENDIX 3A, IV  Explorative Timeline, High Priests Jeshua to Jaddua, Including Ezra/Esdras[/Azariah/Azarias) and Nehemiah Involvements 323
    A.  Explorative Timeline.  
    B.  Exploration of Potential Reconciliations.  
    C.  Notes.  
    D.  An "Alternative Three.  
  APPENDIX 3A, V   Repatriation and Reformation Source-Quoted Narratives 331
    A.  1 Esdras.  
    B.  Esther.  
    C.  Ezra.  
    D.  Haggai.  
    E.  Josephus.  
    F.  Nehemiah.  
    G.  Zachariah.  
      DETAIL A.  Josephus Lineage 349
  APPENDIX 3A, VI  The Period of High Priests, Onias I to the Death of Simon Matthes, According to Maccabees and Josephus 351
    ATTACHMENT 1  Calendar Year Comparative Timeline, After the Death of Alexander III the Great to the Assassination of High Priest Simon Matthes 375
      A.  Calendar.  
      B.  Calendrical Conversions.  
        1.  Ancient Calendar References.  
            (a)  Years "of the kingdom of the Seleucidae."  
            (b)  "Years of the Greeks."  
            (c)  Roman "A.U.C." [Anno Urbia Conditae) Years.  
    ATTACHMENT 2   Global Events, Additional Detail 272-133 b.c./b.c.e; Macedonia, Greece and Rome 401
      DETAIL A.   A Brief Full History of Rome (to 133 b.c./b.c.e.). 405
    ATTACHMENT 3   Names/Places 419
    ATTACHMENT 4   Descendancies, Macedonia Monarchs/Relatives, and Narrations -- Amyntas to Philip II; Philip II through Post-Alexander III Events 437
      A (1)(a) and (b).  Charts and Source Quotations (to Philip II).  
         (2)  Narration.  
      B. through D.   Charts and Source Quotations.  
      E.  Narration (Commencing with Alexander III the Great.  
        DETAIL A.  Pergamus 457
    ATTACHMENT 5   Exploration of Descendancies, Seleucid-Syria Monarchs/Relatives (Charts and Source Quotations) 459
      DETAIL A.  Mithridates and Ariarathes Dynasties (Pontus and Cappadocia) 467
        (1) Mithridates/Mithradates.  
            (a) Rulers.  

    (b) Mithridaticum Bellum (First, Second and Third Mithraidatic Wars).         

        (2) Ariarathes.  
    ATTACHMENT 6   Descendancies, Ptolemaic Monarchs/Relatives, Ptolemy II Philadelphus to Ptolemy VIII Physcon (Charts and Source Quotations) 473
  APPENDIX 3B, I    Names, Supplemental Listing 477
  APPENDIX 3B, II   Chief/High/Levite Priesthoods - History, Occupants, Descendancy Eligibility and Temple Sites 521
      Sub-part   I.  The Chief Priesthood in General. 521
    II. Chief Priests As Derivably Specified 521
      A.  The Office From Inception Under Moses to King David's Reign.  
        (1)  King David's Divisions.   
      B.  From Solomon's Reign to the Nebuchadnezzar Captivity.  
      C.  From Persian Repatriation to the Roman Conquest.  
      D.  Recap of Total Number.  
    III. Priests, Leaders and Numbered Sons of the Returns 526
      A.  The First-Listed Repatriation Congregation, According to Nehemiah, Ezra, 1 Esdras and Josephus  (including listed groups, their numbers, and tallies).  
      B.  The Two Listings of the Repatriation Congregation  "in the reign of Artaxerxes."  
    IV. The Two Reports of Post-Repatriation Excommunications 534
      A.  The First-Reported Excommunication.  
    V. Collected Listings of Divisions/Houses, Priests, Leaders, and Levites Of and After the Returns 538
    VI. Temple Sites. 540
      A.  Shilo and Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim/Gerizzim.  
      B.  Jerusalem.  
      C.  Heliopolis, Egypt.  
      D.  Pertinent Data.  
        DETAIL A.  Comparison Collected Listings of Priests, Divisions, Leaders and Levites Of and After the Returns 543
        DETAIL B.  High Priests Eliashib to  Jaddua 555
    ATTACHMENT 1  The Chief Priesthood Lineage, Aaron to (Exiled) Josedek/Jehozadak, As Variously Given 557
    ATTACHMENT 2  Charted Exploration of Familial Relationships, Chief/High Priests (Ahitub/Ahitob-) Zadok to Johanan/Jonathan/John/Yehohanan, Including Hananiah/Jeremiah "Redemption" Potential 559
    ATTACHMENT 3  Charted Exploration of Familial Relationships, Zerubbabel to Eliashib 563
    ATTACHMENT 4  Source Quotations for Charted Explorations of Royalty and Priestly Lineage Relationships in Attachments 2 and 3 565
    ATTACHMENT 5  Charted Exploration of Familial Relationships, Johanan/Jonathan/[Y]Jehohanan/John to John Hyrcanus I 581
    ATTACHMENT 6   Source Quotations for Charted Exploration of Familial Relationships in Attachment 5 583


Ashemon (Asamonaean)/Maccabaean/Hasmonaean Chief Priesthoods and Monarchies,

Herodian Monarchy and Seleucid, Ptolemaic and Roman Dynasties.

High Priest John Hyrcanus I to Imperial Rome

  APPENDIX 4A  Timeline, High Priests John Hyrcanus I to (Theophilus-) Matthais 637
      DETAIL A.  Year and Age of Death of Herod the Great and Year of Birth of (Miriam/Mary [A] -) Jesus 701
    ATTACHMENT 1  Roman Imperial Rulers and Associated Data 707
    Sub-part I. Summary of Events Through the Reign of Julius Caesar 707
    II. Emperors - Octavianus/Augustus to Nero 713
      DETAIL A   Explorative Chart, Roman Ruling Families, Caesars, Julius through Claudius 717
  APPENDIX 4B,  I  Narrative, High Priests Hyrcanus I Through Antigonus II, Source-Quoted 727
  APPENDIX 4B, II  Narrative, High Priests Ananelus Through [Boethus-] Simon, Source-Quoted 757
  APPENDIX 4B, III  Narrative, High Priests (Theophilus-) Matthias Through (Ananus -) Theophilus, Source-Quoted 789
    ATTACHMENT 1  Charted Exploration of Descendancies/Familial Relationships,
The Asamonaeans/Maccabees/Hasmonaeans
    ATTACHMENT 2  Charted Exploration of Descendancies/Familial Relationships,
Through the Herodians
      DETAIL A  Source Quotations, Marriages/Betrothals/Espousals Made By Herod the Great 835
    ATTACHMENT 3  Charted Exploration of Descendancies/Familial Relationships, Seleucid-Syrian 839
    ATTACHMENT 4  Charted Exploration of Descendancies/Ptolemaic Monarchs/Relatives, Ptolemy VIII Physcon to Cleopatra VII the Great 843
  APPENDIX 4C  Names/Places/Relationships 849
    ATTACHMENT 1  'Anointer,' Mary Magdalene, and 'Beloved Disciple' Identity Puzzles 873
      DETAIL A. Source Quotations for Attachment 1 877
  APPENDIX 4D   Some Terms of Interest 883

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ADDENDUM 1: Beloved Disciple, Daughter of Logos. A separate, demonstrative fictional account previously published in print, of four epoch years, based on the within record. That story, now under a new title, "Children of Logos", also may be read free, at LPPublications.com.

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