This academically and non-denominationally independent historical project is for anyone who wishes to learn more of the human history embraced by ancient scriptures—of its peoples, and of the events they lived. It is published on the World Wide Web as an E-book, free to be read and used by all interested persons.

          The 25-year-researched volume is divided into four chronological books, each covering one era of a 20-century epoch of concomitant regional and world developments. Research and compilation adhered strictly to the following tenets:

  • to employ and fully cite a fixed core bibliography, allowing a clear field for comparisons;
  • to treat sourced core data equally historically and without pretense of authority;
  • to eschew subjective elements proffered by secondary sources, or, if included, identify them;
  • to trace scripturally-reported female lines as much as possible to the same extent as male.
All care was taken to avoid clerical error in transmittal of source data. As with earlier editions we can do no better than echo in every regard J. Lempriere's words from the Preface to his Classical Dictionary--that this compilation "cannot be made perfect all at once. It must still have its faults and omissions, however cautious and vigilant…and in every page there may be found…room for improvement and addition."

L P Publishing
Sonoma, California
December 21, 2012

Nota bene:
            Table of Content links (not "get page" commands) are to be used to advance through the text.
            An Errata page of items discovered subsequent to printing is included. Non-typographical Items potentially most salient to an in-depth user have been bolded.


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